Still life

Slide show. 10 min 17 sec. 2016.


Installation. 2012

Iceberg (detail)

35 mm film. 7 min. 2012.

The Armenistis Experience (with Rania Bellou)

Performance documentation. 2008.

Paella (photos by Marie Canet)

Invited to The Village Green Biennial in Stanton St-John in Oxford, I was proposed to do an intervention. Knowing that my paellas where starting to get known in England and that the weather prediction announced no rain I embarked to make a paella. 2012.

Paella chef
Drowned by fantasy (photos by Pablo Goikoetxea)

Not knowing exactly what to do with my old collection of comics, I decided to do a performance hiding under them. That caused me to sleep. Two hours after the start of the exhibition I woke up. 2008.